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Use this space to describe the nature of your business. Here you could include your company values, a summary of your history and experience in your field, your range of product and service areas, your target markets and so on. Advertisers are permitted up to 1000 characters of text, including spaces. This translates into about 150 words – the length of this particular nature of business. This passage is repeated underneath your company name wherever you are featured as a priority advertiser in results lists after searches on any of our 150,000 plus product categories. Advertisers also get the company banner and logo featured on this page. We also take a screengrab of your website. Advertisers can choose to have their catalog, inventory or marketing materials made available and searchable online - try the sample link on this page. Finally, advertisers can promote themselves using the popular premium banners. These banners appear as users search Kellysearch for the products they want.**


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Standardize on Standards

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