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Set up your Contracts for Active Management

Contracts are an often overlooked asset in an organisation. In fact they are frequently not even regarded as an asset. The proper setting out of ...


Evaluating new Suppliers

Understanding how to select a new supplier id very dear to our hearts at Our ultimate aim is to make this process as simple and st...


Lean Supply Chains

Lean Methodology has been used in manufacturing for decades and in technology for year, but has only recently been applied to Supply Chain Manageme...


Reduce the risk of SaaS lock-in

SaaS or Software as a Service is a modern trend for delivering the functionality of a software package as a service rather than as something that y...


Standardize on Standards

Standards are an excellent data-point to add to your evaluation matrix when deciding on your shortlist of suppliers. They give a sense of confidenc...



FTX: Singapore state fund Temasek cuts pay after fai...

Last year, Temasek Holdings wrote off all of the $275m (£222.8m) it had invested in FTX.

by BBC News 5/29/2023 4:03:53 AM

Mars bar plastic wrapper swapped for paper

Mars trials environmentally friendly paper wrappers for some of its chocolate bars.

by BBC News 5/29/2023 2:23:47 AM

Food price cap will not make a difference - retailers

The government wants to encourage supermarkets to impose voluntary price caps on some food products.

by BBC News 5/29/2023 1:57:57 AM

US debt ceiling deal ready for Congress vote, Joe Bi...

President Joe Biden said he had not made too many concessions to Republicans as part of the agreement.

by BBC News 5/29/2023 12:21:10 AM

How prosperity fuels dowry demand in India

Researchers studied 74,000 marriages that took place in India between 1930 and 1999.

by BBC News 5/28/2023 11:57:05 PM

Who is Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's 'superwoman'?

Can new chief executive Linda Yaccarino fix Twitter?

by BBC News 5/28/2023 11:11:51 PM

China's C919 passenger plane enters into service

China hopes the C919 will end the dominance of Airbus and Boeing - but it relies on Western components.

by BBC News 5/28/2023 3:02:18 PM

US debt ceiling: Democrats and Republicans agree dea...

The White House and the Republicans are now ironing out details of a bill to avert a massive default.

by BBC News 5/28/2023 1:49:48 PM

Kevin McCarthy confident of US debt ceiling deal by ...

With an extended deadline, talks on a deal to avoid a US default appear to drag on in Washington.

by BBC News 5/27/2023 3:23:24 PM

Twitter pulls out of voluntary EU disinformation code

"You can run but you can't hide," commissioner Thierry Breton warns Twitter over upcoming rules.

by BBC News 5/27/2023 2:26:13 PM

Post Office used racist terms for sub-postmasters in...

A document shows racist language was used to describe sub-postmasters being wrongly investigated.

by BBC News 5/27/2023 8:32:31 AM

British Airways cancels dozens of Heathrow flights a...

Thousands of people have had their plans upended as disruption at Heathrow continues for a second day.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 4:59:08 PM

Neuralink: Elon Musk's brain chip firm wins US appro...

The billionaire's Neuralink implant company wants to help restore people's vision and mobility.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 3:25:04 PM

Sainsbury’s boss: We are not profiting from high prices

Supermarkets have been accused of "greedflation" - putting prices up to bolster profits.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 3:19:55 PM

Mortgage rates rise after inflation surprise

The increase in mortgage costs come as markets digest higher than expected inflation figures.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 10:43:52 AM

Ovo Energy customers hit with 'horror' bills of up t...

A number of customers claim their usage has been miscalculated by the energy giant.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 9:31:24 AM

ChatGPT-maker U-turns on threat to leave EU over AI law

OpenAI's Sam Altman previously said if it fails to comply with the forthcoming AI Act, it might exit the EU.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 9:26:21 AM

Nvidia: The chip maker that became an AI superpower

Innovation and good timing combined to make California's Nvidia the dominant firm for AI computer chips.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 8:59:25 AM

First Republic: 1,000 jobs cut by new owner JP Morgan

It comes after First Citizens, which bought the US operations of another troubled lender, announced job cuts.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 5:42:36 AM

Cadbury Flake too crumbly for 99s, say ice cream sel...

Cadbury Flake makers' Mondelēz International say action is being taken to address the crumbly issue.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 5:06:24 AM

Twitter engineering boss Foad Dabiri quits day after...

Ron DeSantis' launch of his White House presidential campaign was hit by technical problems.

by BBC News 5/26/2023 4:15:14 AM

When will we start seeing energy bill deals again?

With bills set to drop from July, fixed deals could be due to make a comeback, say experts.

by BBC News 5/25/2023 11:47:20 PM

Pets at Home chain plans to open 40 new stores

The chain said the rise in home working was inspiring more people to buy pets.

by BBC News 5/25/2023 3:51:03 PM

Energy bills set to stay high despite price cap cut

Households will see bills fall in July, but experts say costs will remain far higher than two years ago.

by BBC News 5/25/2023 2:13:57 PM

Germany falls into recession as inflation hits economy

Rising prices have dampened demand from households and businesses in Europe's largest economy.

by BBC News 5/25/2023 9:54:46 AM

Suez Canal: Bulk carrier refloated after running agr...

In March 2021, one of the largest container ships in the world blocked the canal for six days.

by BBC News 5/25/2023 5:30:15 AM

Is the spike in strike action here to stay?

BBC economics editor Faisal Islam asks whether a historic surge in industrial action is likely to persist.

by BBC News 5/25/2023 5:04:19 AM

South Africa load-shedding: The roots of Eskom's pow...

How corruption backed by a criminal network have led to South Africa's worst-ever power cuts.

by BBC News 5/23/2023 11:37:37 PM

ChatGPT: Can China overtake the US in the AI marathon?

Washington's efforts to limit China's access to crucial cutting-edge technology continue.

by BBC News 5/23/2023 9:18:19 PM

Camden leaseholders: 'My £850,000 newbuild flat is n...

Residents say their "futures have been stolen" after their new flats are deemed not fit for purpose.

by BBC News 5/23/2023 3:37:04 PM

Why car parks are the hottest space in solar power

Car parks are a good place for solar panels, providing shade and electricity where it is needed.

by BBC News 5/22/2023 11:06:20 PM

Why food bills aren't shrinking - five things to know

Prices in the shops remain much higher than a year ago, despite falls in energy and food costs.

by BBC News 5/21/2023 11:04:48 PM

Mike Ashley thinks luxury Flannels shops 'bonkers', ...

Michael Murray says his father-in-law can't understand why people spend so much on luxury fashion.

by BBC News 5/21/2023 7:48:27 AM

Will a Russian diamond ban be effective?

Countries in the G7 bloc want to be able to trace the gemstones to block Russian exports.

by BBC News 5/19/2023 3:24:54 PM

Elizabeth Holmes: Inside the routine at the Federal ...

Here's what we know about the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas, where Holmes is likely to be sent.

by BBC News 5/18/2023 8:30:17 PM

'We are selling a product that we hope gets disconti...

The firms aiming to help eradicate invasive species by making commercial use of them.

by BBC News 5/17/2023 11:40:26 PM

Why Bud Light and Disney are under attack from conse...

Conservatives say their fights against "woke" corporations are paying off.

by BBC News 5/16/2023 11:01:49 PM

Asia is spending big to battle low birth rates - wil...

Governments in the region are spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to reverse the trend.

by BBC News 5/16/2023 9:08:05 PM

STN extends offering to include MENAFLIX, the rapidl...

Dob, Slovenia, May 16, 2023. Viewers can now watch MENAFLIX programming from the Middle East anywhere in the world on any device with internet acce...

by RealWire 5/16/2023 9:45:00 AM

How computer games encourage kids to spend cash

Many parents are frustrated with games that encourage children to spend money to advance.

by BBC News 5/15/2023 11:09:25 PM

'Doomsday': Singapore renters sound the alarm as pri...

The surge in rent has become a major issue in the South East Asian country.

by BBC News 5/15/2023 9:16:10 PM

STIHL sets revenue record and focuses on dual techno...

Waiblingen, Germany - The STIHL Group finished the challenging fiscal year 2022 with record-breaking revenue of 5.5 billion euros, equa...

by RealWire 4/25/2023 10:00:00 AM

myWorld expands in Asia

myWorld, the operator of one of the largest benefit programmes in the world, will continue to expand its presence on the Asian market. Listing on t...

by RealWire 4/20/2023 11:15:00 AM

Xella achieved solid results in 2022 and is well pos...

Revenue increased to €1.37 billion in 2022 Growth of 17 per cent compared to the previous year[1] Product range increasingly meets demand for...

by RealWire 4/17/2023 11:21:00 AM

Financial year 2022: GEMA stronger than ever with a ...

Despite the challenging situation in society and the economy as a whole, the German music collecting society and one of the world's largest authors...

by RealWire 4/4/2023 2:56:00 PM

Xella commits to an ambitious, science-based target ...

Company launches its Sustainability Report for 2022 Duisburg, 4 April 2023 - Xella Group, a leading European building materials provider of sustain...

by RealWire 4/4/2023 11:03:00 AM

Swiss gold trader launches Crypto Vreneli

New Vreneli coin defines a new class of investment by fusing physical and digital value St. Gallen - A collaborative innovation, that could draw th...

by RealWire 3/30/2023 11:31:00 AM

CTERA Expands Executive Team to Capitalize on Hybrid...

New York, NY– March 29, 2023 – CTERA, the leader in edge-to-cloud file services, today announced the promotion of Oded Nagel̷...

by RealWire 3/29/2023 1:00:00 PM

Tiexi Day witnesses Sino-German Cooperation

Munich - China and Germany have further deepened cooperation at a regional level with a Tiexi Day event being held in Munich Germany on March 27, 2...

by RealWire 3/28/2023 4:46:00 PM

Bugcrowd urges ethical hackers and CISOs to respond ...

The pioneering crowdsourced cybersecurity platform provider believes increased publicity for the consultation is necessary to engage the full spect...

by RealWire 3/28/2023 9:41:00 AM

Bertrandt sets the course for the future on the Mana...

Continuity on the Management Board of Bertrandt AG Ehningen, March 24, 2023 - Continuity on the Management Board of Bertrandt AG. Michael Lück...

by RealWire 3/24/2023 2:15:00 PM

Launch of Virtru Private Keystore Enables Heightened...

Encryption Key Management Solution Gives Customers Full Control of Cloud-Hosted Data UK - 23rd March 2023 – Virtru, the global leader in data...

by RealWire 3/23/2023 8:05:00 AM

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK And ProGlove Lend Logistics Lead...

Join Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and ProGlove to learn about the latest mobile solutions boosting efficiency in the logistics industry.BRACKNELL, UK. 22nd ...

by RealWire 3/22/2023 11:00:00 AM

Bertrandt launches new brand identity

Focus on technological progress and sustainable future Ehningen, 22 March 2023 Modern, innovative, and bold: with its new brand identity, Bertrandt...

by RealWire 3/22/2023 9:50:00 AM

H&H Group delivers revenue growth across all three b...

• Reported revenue growth of 10.6% with revenue of RMB12,775.9 million and adjusted EBITDA growth of 6.5% despite significant headwinds ̶...

by RealWire 3/22/2023 9:30:00 AM