Lean Supply Chains

Here at we've long been fans of the Lean methodology. The company and website was founded on the principles of keeping things as lean as possible and getting features and capabilities out in the market as quickly as possible.

The majority of our knowledge of Lean comes from the technology world, where there are numerous tools that you can use to track value of work-in-progress, ensure that we have proper grip on both the upstream and downstream effects of tasks being delayed, and that everyone has visibility on everything that could possibly affect them.

It was with great pleasure that we discovered Ultriva’s LeanSuite of tools that provide the same features we've enjoyed in technology in the supply chain management world. Ultriva’s tools go beyond comparable tools as they don’t allow themselves to be limited by a single view and instead strive for the “big picture” that you need to drive real value all the way through your processes.

We were so impressed with Ultriva’s tools we thought that it would be remiss of us not to introduce them to our users who we know are struggling with the challenges of building the modern supply chain. So we've written the following series of articles to introduce Lean thinking concepts, how they apply to supply chains and how Ultriva’s tools help you implement the ideas and extract value: